Darkside Interview
An interview with Tom Beauvais

Welcome to Vipco's Vault,

a website dedicated to the notorious UK based video distributor VIPCO(Video Instant Picture Company.) Famed for their involvement in the video nasty scandal in the early 80's and their subsequent re-emergence in the early 90's which was defined by the re-issue of many of the titles deemed 'unsuitable for viewing in the home.'

The intention of this site is to provide an online catalogue of Vipco releases with reviews and pertinent information about the films, whilst creating a digital archive of artwork and providing a historical background to the company and the reception to the releases.

Over the coming months we will be adding information relating to Vipco, their history, their releases and their place in the distribution of Horror and cult cinema in the UK.

The site is laid out in a manner whereby visitors can contribute to the review portions of the site and we are constantly seeking out videos/DVD's, interviews, posters and promotional materials relating to Vipco so if you would like to donate or sell any Vipco related materials please contact us.

Likewise if there are any ex-employees of Vipco or if Mike Lee or Barrie Gold end up paying us a visit please do get in touch. We would love to speak with you about your time working/running one the most interesting distribution companies to have emerged in the UK.