Darkside Interview
An interview with Tom Beauvais



Cat #




Zombie Flesh Eaters VIPCO VIP001 Italy 1979
Island of Mutations VIPCO VIP002 Italy 1978
Psychic Killer VIPCO VIP003 United States 1974
Immoral VIPCO VIP004 France 1980
Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, The VIPCO VIP005 United States 1974
Starcrash VIPCO VIP006 Italy 1979
Diamond Mercenaries, The VIPCO VIP007 South Africa, Swit... 1975
When a Woman Is in Love VIPCO VIP008 France 1976
Juicy Cuts 1 Lydcare (VIPCO) VIP009 Great Britain 1980
Three Musketeers, The VIPCO VIP010 Italy, Great Britain 1975
Hussy VIPCO VIP011 Great Britain 1979
Rise and Fall of Idi Amin VIPCO VIP012 Kenya 1980
Legacy, The VIPCO VIP013 Great Britain 1978
Bogey Man, The VIPCO VIP014 United States 1980
Invincible Iron Palm, The VIPCO VIP015 Hong Kong 1971
Breaker! Breaker! VIPCO VIP016 United States 1977
Nightkill VIPCO VIP017 United States 1980
Beyond Evil VIPCO VIP018 United States 1979
Fight for Freedom VIPCO VIP019 United States 1974
Caged Women VIPCO VIP020 Switzerland, West ... 1975
Hey Abbott! VIPCO VIP021 United States 1978
Werewolf of Washington VIPCO VIP022 United States 1973
Smokey & the Judge VIPCO VIP023 United States 1980
Zombie Flesh Eaters VIPCO VIP024 Italy 1979
Shogun Assassin VIPCO VIP025 Japan, United States 1980
Black Fist VIPCO VIP026 United States 1976
Big Boss 2 VIPCO VIP027 Hong Kong 1979
King Frat VIPCO VIP028 United States 1979
Driller Killer, The VIPCO VIP029 United States 1979
Circle of Two VIPCO VIP030 Canada 1980
Pacific Connection, The VIPCO VIP031 Philippines 1974
Kill Squad VIPCO VIP032 United States 1981
Invaders of the Lost Gold VIPCO VIP033 Hong Kong 1981
Death Trap VIPCO VIP035 United States 1976
Slayer, The VIPCO VIP036 United States 1981
Blood Bride VIPCO VIP037 United States 1979
War Devils VIPCO VIP038 Italy, Spain 1969
Time to Die, A VIPCO VIP039 United States 1979
Deception VIPCO VIP040 Italy, West Germany 1975
Lady Ice VIPCO VIP042 United States 1973
Nesting, The VIPCO VIP043 United States 1980
Groove Tube, The VIPCO VIP044 United States 1974
Savage Intruder VIPCO VIP045 United States 1968
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein VIPCO VIP046 Italy, France 1973
Andy Warhol's Dracula VIPCO VIP047 Italy, France 1974
High Noon Part II - The Return of Will Kane VIPCO VIP048 United States 1980
Dark Sanity VIPCO VIP049 United States 1980
Deadly Spawn, The VIPCO VIP050 United States 1982
Double Jeopardy VIPCO VIP051 United States 1982
Night Beast VIPCO VIP052 United States 1982
Execution VIPCO VIP053 United States 1975
Black Jack VIPCO VIP054 United States 1978
Kid with the Broken Halo, The VIPCO VIP055 United States 1981
Lazarus Syndrome, The VIPCO VIP056 United States 1979
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The VIPCO VIP057 United States 1980
Portrait of a Hit Man VIPCO VIP058 United States 1977
Massacre Mansion VIPCO VIP059 United States 1975
Evil Force, The VIPCO VIP060 United States 1975
Pit, The MVC (VIPCO) MVC1 United States, Canada 1981
Uncle Scam Platinum Turkey (VIPCO) PTVC111 United States 1981
Bed Hostesses VIPCO Switzerland 1972
Glorious Musketeers, The VIPCO Italy, Great Britain 1975
Hot Sex in Bangkok VIPCO Switzerland 1974
Introducing Badminton VIPCO Great Britain
Sweet & Sexy VIPCO Great Britain 1970
Young Seducers, The VIPCO West Germany, Swit... 1971