Early VIPCO Titles

Not a mention of VIPCO

This early ad for VIPCO's adult titles was an interesting find, like the ad for Video Unlimited featured in the Distribution menu, here is another ad clearly listing VIPCO's adult range of titles but not a mention of VIPCO as the distributor. As you can see at the bottom the distributor is clearly listed as Private Organisation, at this point I am unsure as to whether that is just the status of the company or if VIPCO had made a deal with the successful Private Organisation to distribute these titles on their behalf, likely the latter.

VIPCO's address, at least the July of 1980 was 9 Sentinel House, Sentinel Square, Brent Street, Hendon, London. It is possibly they moved in the four months between the Ads that I have clarifying the address but unlikely. Keep on digging...


Image from Television and Home Video, April 1980, p62