This website is representative of a small part of a wider research project conducted at the University of Sunderland. It is our intention that the website function as hub for meeting and exchanging information with fans and industry alike. Links towards the bottom of the page will navigate you to our YouTube site, Facebook page and Twitter feed or alternatively you can contact us directly using the contact button in the main menu.

The project is an analysis of the marketing and distribution of controversial horror in the UK, focusing on VIPCO as arguably the main exponent of that. VIPCO Released 6 titles that fell foul of the censor during the 'Video Nasties' scandal, and a further 4 titles which featured on the subsequent Department of Public Prosecutions section 3 list. VIPCO were unfortunate in the censorial reaction to their titles, and after a short hiatus returned in the 90s defined by the 'Banned Brand,' in their Cult Classics, Vaults and Screamtime collections.

As a company, VIPCO were often scrutinised for the quality of the prints of their later releases and I am interested in how the development of the internet and a global market may of affected their market share. In an age still governed by the BBFC, VIPCO's release of what was often cut or deemed poor quality prints may have been out of step with the times, when these many of these titles were available in uncut, remastered prints from international distributers.

Despite the many criticisms, VIPCO as a label still hold a fondness for many collectors, from both the first Pre-Certificate incarnation to their subsequent Post-Certificate releases and are an important genre label in the UK. We would be interested in hearing both sides of the argument, so VIPCO lovers and haters alike can pitch in and tell us what you think about the self styled "pioneers of the video nasty."

If you would like to complete the survey we would love to hear from you.

The database for this site is very much a work in progress, the pre-certificate section is complete (other than catalogue numbers for the early titles) with thanks to everyone at for their help with that side of things. The Cult-Classics Section is virtually complete (with thanks to Pete over at although it is still missing a few titles here and there. The Screamtime section is complete and the Vaults of Horror section is largely incomplete. As the site develops we will be adding VIPCOs promotional materials to the site, some of which can already be found within specific titles.

There is a replica of VIPCO's website for your enjoyment. This is hosted on wayback machine and is only mirrored here so unfortunately we have no control over the functionality of this. However it does provide and interesting snapshot into the companies online presence.

It is our intention to list the complete catalogue of VIPCOs releases so if you are a fan/collector who can shed some light on the gaps in our database please don't hesitate to get in touch